Canadian organist-soprano collaboration

One of my greatest pleasures is performing as a collaborative organist with Montreal soprano, Kerry-Anne Kutz.

We create entertaining programs full of brilliant Canadian repertoire, for which we are enthusiastic ambassadors.

Our programs are brought to life by the diversity of colours in Kerry-Anne’s voice and the variety of organs I encounter on our tours. Audiences immediately respond  to the expressive and dramatic nature of our performances.

We are also deeply committed to establishing a repository of Canadian art song so that students, teachers and performers will have better access to this music.

Examine one of our popular programs or listen to an excerpt from Creek Bistro Specials by Saskatchewan composer, David L. McIntyre, recorded at Knox United Church in Saskatoon.

Délices pour votre esprit; été 2016

  • Your concert (Dynamic Duo) remains a highlight of the past year for me. Thrilling to stage a concert such as yours, full of vibrant talent as well as good humour!

  • I can't imagine David L. McIntyre's Creek Bistro Specials being given a more loving, funny and riveting performance than was given by Kerry-Anne Kutz and Valerie Hall.

  • Not only was I introduced to completely new repertoire by Canadian composers and poets, it was presented with brilliance and commitment by these two adventurous and talented musicians.

  • Valerie Hall and Kerry-Anne Kutz presented a program filled with delightful and humorous songs that were rendered to perfection.